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2019/20 Player Profiles: Ed

Name: Ed Barnard

Age: 25

Favourite position: CDM

Favourite footballer: N’Golo Kante

Ed returned to the Falcons towards the back end of the 2018/19 season and immediately won the hearts of teammates on the pitch and fans on the sidelines (read teammates on the bench) with his enthusiasm, positive attitude and relentless work-rate. One of the most versatile members of the squad, Ed can always be relied upon to put a shift in anywhere across the park, which after the squad became injury-hit in Rome, he often had to do.

Ed’s can-do attitude continues off the pitch, where in the midst of said injury crisis, Ed could be seen sacrificing his cylindrical bluetooth speaker to use as a leg roller to avoid cramping. Elsewhere, Ed can be found single-handedly propping up the suncream market of whatever country he is visiting and spending hours in his garden perfecting football trick shots, such as can be seen on this post.

1) Why did you join the Falcons?

It was spring 2017 and I wanted to get back into footy. Falcons had just won the LUL.

2) What’s your best memory of the Falcons on the pitch?

Hard to say because I'm normally injured - probably Rome. The team played great from start to finish.

3) What’s been your best memory of the Falcons off the pitch?

Drinks under the Colosseum

4) Who’s your most annoying teammate?

I'm 100% the most annoying teammate but Percy Preston is a close second.

5) Why should someone join the Falcons?

Because its sublime / ridiculous to see the principles of Pep Guardiola applied at an amateur level

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