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Player Profiles

Our Committee

Player Profiles

Off the pitch, we have a hard-working group of players who serve on the Committee to keep the Falcons soaring. Find out about them here and feel free to contact if you have any requests!

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Will Oster

Club Chair

Will joined the Falcons in the Autumn of 2018, looking to get back into playing football having somewhat fallen out of love with the game after negative experiences at other clubs. He can honestly say it is one of the best things that he has done and would recommend joining to anyone interested in playing a good standard of football within an inclusive environment. He has served as Club Chair since 2019 and is looking forward to continuing to grow the club whilst remaining driven by its core values.

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Matthew Hall

Club Secretary

A well-travelled legend of the UK's LGBTQ+ football scene, Matt has played for inclusive teams in Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham, as well as of course his stint here at the Falcons that began in 2017. This longest-serving Falcon not only keeps us all in check by organising our fixtures, but was for many of us one of the first of several friendly faces that welcomed us to our new team.

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Marshal Peacock

Club Treasurer

Canadian Marshal made an immediate impact at the club when he joined in 2019 having just moved to London. Despite the pandemic cutting his debut season short, he immediately threw himself into the team and quickly became the club's Social Secretary before recently taking over the accounts in 2023.

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Chris Threadgold

Comms Officer

Our newest Committee member Chris joined the club in the Spring 2022 and loved it so much that he had instantly signed up for our Summer tour to the Eurogames in the Netherlands just a couple of months later. 

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George Coe

Social Secretary

George joined the club in 2018 and was soon a joint Social Sec! From there he has also served as Club Captain and Treasurer, before recently returning to his debut Committee role of making sure we all have a great time off the pitch as well as on it.

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