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2019/20 Player Profiles: Kieran

Name: Kieran Clark

Age: Ageless

Preferred Position: RW

Favourite Player: Ryan Giggs

First game for Falcons: Sept 2006

As the Falcons’ longest serving player, scholars maintain that Kieran’s real age was lost many moons ago. However, our evergreen full-back is always a constant source of energy and pace across the pitch, marauding up and down the right flank from whistle-to-whistle, leaving both his opponents and sometimes even those just watching him breathless.

Outside of football, Kieran is usually found nursing a variety of exuberant and colourful gin and tonics, which are matched only by the exuberant and colourful nature of his off-pitch attire, which means that despite his slightly smaller stature, he is incredibly easy to spot across a bar or dancefloor. As our resident RuPaul’s Drag Race Superfan, you can also spot Kieran sashaying away from football chat in the pub after games when series have started, with lip-syncs and not linesman being the main focus of his conversations.

1) Why did you join the Falcons?

I was in a bit of a rut back in 2006, I didn’t really have many gay friends or close friends and was very shy back then, I found out about Falcons through a booklet which I picked up from a bar and thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some new friends, I didn’t even really care to much about the playing side at that point!

I never imagined how amazing it would be and that I would still be playing for the club some 13 years later! I have met nearly all my best mates through footie and I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say how life changing joining this club has been for me!

I was fairly novice at footie when I started at the Falcons, only really playing School lunch breaks with a tennis ball and with brothers at the park, I remember not being very good when I started and making lots of mistakes, I was however determined to get better and prove to myself I could improve and be a better player. I started training extra hard and throwing myself into every challenge on the pitch and eventually my hunger and determination to win every game helped me earn my regular starting place in the team. I soon realised I was hooked on playing for the Falcons so what started out as just a fun way to meet people quickly ended up becoming my passion!

2) What’s your best memory of the Falcons on the pitch?

Hard to pick from what I suspect could be over 1,000 games! I would however have to say winning the Div 1 silver medal in Rome this year! Playing for the Falcons has taken me all over Europe but we have never really had much success overseas! Getting that far in an international tournament was a very proud moment for me and the club I am hoping we can continue to push on and win gold next year!

3) What’s been your best memory of the Falcons off the pitch?

I would say winning Players’ Player last year was an awesome feeling, especially given how many other amazing players with have at the club right now. I think the last trophy I won at the club was most improved player about 10 years ago!

4) Who’s your most annoying teammate?

Anyone who doesn’t put in 100% effort right to the end regardless of what the score is! So fortunately in this team there is no-one to pick from..

Oh and Pete for making me play wing back every game!

5) Why should someone join the Falcons?

Because we want to offer other guys a fun and welcoming environment to make friends and a chance to be part of a special club. You will be joining an ever progressing club which has moved away from just playing in a gay-friendly specific league two years ago, to now playing in a mainstream league where we are already establishing ourselves as one of the top teams.

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