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Player Profile: Kieran

He took some flak in last month's profile so it was only fair to allow Falcon's longest-serving player his chance to be featured. July's Player Profile is Kieran!

Key Facts:

Name: Kieran Clark Position: Right Wing/Rightback Year Joined: 2007 Home Town: London Favourite Team: Falcons of course!

Why did you join Falcons and what can you remember about your first experience with us?

I joined Falcons because I wanted to make some friends. I remember my first training session at Raynes Park and making friends with Gracie and Tom. My first game was on a day where it was pouring down with rain and I’d just had laser eye surgery. I could barely see the ball and it kept bouncing past me. I was terrible! (No change there then! – Editor).

Which professional footballer do you most resemble or admire?

Messi? Jokes. I love Seamus Coleman for very different reasons. He’s hot. Love him.

What is your favourite Falcons memory on or off the pitch?

It was early on when I went to the old G-A-Y club at the Astoria. Everywhere I turned I saw so many new friends and I realised I’d joined the right place.

Worst memory?

Losing the cup final in 2013 was pretty disappointing but I prefer to think of the good times. It’s all been a good experience.

Most annoying team mate and why?

Pete. Because he’s shit. Jokes. We always have an argument and fall out on the pitch. I’ve called him every name under the sun. But it’s all forgotten at half time or full time. We have a hug and a laugh then head off to the bar (And don’t buy your round – Editor).

Why should someone join Falcons?

It’s a very friendly and welcoming club. I’ve made some great friends here and the level of football is good.

Falcons are training every Thursday evening at Kennington Park throughout the summer. Get in touch by emailing

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