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March's Player of the Month: Chris!

Six goals in three games made it a pretty easy choice. March's Player of the Month is Chris!

A few words from the boss…

"March saw two comfortable wins sandwich a defeat against Soho where we weren't at our best but also suffered from quite a lot of bad luck in the goals we conceded.

"There's a few players who deserve a mention. The levels of consistency I've seen all season from Brady and Duncan were there once again. John and Andrew both picked up votes based on their continued dominance down our spine. It was also great to see Ritchie and Kieran return to the fold and do well when given the chance.

"However, it was an easy pick for Chris to win it this month. Juddy had actually been going through a frustrating period after returning from his travels and didn't score in his first few games back. However, his all-round play has been excellent. He scored two against Soho and four against Phoenix but, on top of this, his ability to hold up the ball and bring others into play has made him an asset all season."

Well done Chris!

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