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January's Player of the Month: Jack!

The players have spoken (well, texted) and after a tight contest they've awarded January's Player of the Month award to Jack!

A few words from the boss…

"January was a frustrating month as we had to wait an extra week to get back to action after a postponement against Stonewall. We then followed that up with a comprehensive win over Manor House before slipping up in a poor performance against Titans Two Brewers.

"We used a lot of squad rotation in those two games and there were only a couple of players who stayed on the pitch for all 180 minutes. Andrew deserves credit for his increasingly assured performances at centre half but I'm happy that Jack was awarded the players' choice. Jack's never had a problem getting his foot stuck in and has a reliable defensive presence. However, this season he's worked on his fitness levels and he's now providing an additional attacking threat, supporting his winger and almost scoring a rare goal. On top of that, he's a very regular trainer and brings a great sense of fun to the social side of Falcons.

"Olu just missed out and will consider himself a bit unlucky after bagging a hat trick against Romans. Alex and Brady also attracted good backing and their consistent performances will surely be recognised before the end of the season.

"Well done to everyone and let's push on in February's two fixtures!"

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