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November's Player of the Month: Duncan!

November was such a tight call that we put it out to a team vote. The winner scored a decisive hat trick against Stonewall - Duncan!

A few words from the boss…

"November got us back to where we were in September - playing good football and being right on our game from the first whistle.

The Bexley game was unfortunately controversial but, despite the issues we faced, we bounced back from going behind and wrapped the game up comfortably by keeping to the basics of playing good football and keeping our movement constant. We then faced a Stonewall side determined to beat us and it took a terrific team effort to hold on for a win.

Player of the Month was such a tight decision that I put it out to a team vote. I could have very easily made a case for John, Olu, Brady or Paddy but it was Duncan's hat trick that sealed it for him. I've not made life easy for Dunc at Falcons. He started his life with us at centre half but he's come into midfield very strongly and he has an amazing sense of composure on the ball. In addition to that, he's always at training and has even braved two gay bars with us now. Team player!

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