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Player Profiles 2020/21: Myles

Name - Myles

Age - 24

Preferred Position – CM

Favourite Player – Emiliano Martínez

Arsenal fan Myles became a Falcon at the start of last season and his assured performances in the heart of the midfield not only earned him a spot in the first team, but also the nickname of “The Epsom Iniesta”.

As an artist, Myles brings an expressive elegance to his midfield industry that both captivates his teammates and exhausts his opponents.

Myles also continues his artistic expression off the field, recently adding a vibrant splash of blonde to his hair with a quarantine peroxide job. As a consequence, opposition players now remain constantly unsure as to whether he’s about to drop a 30 yard pass on a penny, or drop the first verse of ‘Stan’ by Eminem.

1) Why did you join the Falcons?

I wanted to start playing competitive football again and make more lgbt+ friends. The football is good and the team are amazing. The training, game days and socials are always fun.

2) What’s your best memory of the Falcons on the pitch?

I loved my first game vs Raynes Park as it felt good to be playing again after a long time out of football. As a team it’d be our 2-1 win vs. Earlsfield with a great volley from Stevie.

3) What’s been your best memory of the Falcons off the pitch?

Jim P channeling Billy Joel at Tir Na Nog karaoke.

4) Who’s your most annoying teammate?

Jimmy as I have to keep up with his level of preseason fitness now we’re back to training.

5) Why should someone join the Falcons?

To hear Jeff D squawk like a Falcon every Saturday. 10/10 would recommend.

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