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Player Profiles 2020/21: Matt D

Name - Matt D

Age - 29

Preferred Position – LWB / LM / LW

Favourite Player – Julio Arca

Heralding from North Shields, Matt is another member of the squad who sadly supports Sunderland, meaning that he relies solely on the Falcons for any sort of footballing joy.

Despite his genuine talent as a DJ, Matt is kept at a considerable distance from the speakers in the changing room, as his music taste (think aggressive techno dance) is just as ropey as his taste in beer (“I’ll have a pint of Carling please”).

When not rocking the decks or causing havoc down the left-flank, Matt can be found wearing niche non-league football shirts or undergoing bleep test-smashing quarantine fitness transformations. This latter fact is a far cry from his more casual approach last season, such as his first game, for which Matt himself admits he was “very hungover.”

1) Why did you join the Falcons?

Like most, I stopped playing for a good few years. Then decided I wanted to get my fitness back but have a bit of fun while doing it. Luckily a friend’s housemate had just joined the team. And the rest as they say is history.

2) What’s your best memory of the Falcons on the pitch?

Imperial 3-3 away. I didn’t even play was but was just the hype man on the side of the pitch!

3) What’s been your best memory of the Falcons off the pitch?

Way too many to put down just one, I could argue every social outing gives me fond memories (and maybe some to forget!)

4) Who’s your most annoying teammate?

George. No point explaining really it’s just a given.

5) Why should someone join the Falcons?

If you‘re sceptical about joining just get yourself down to a session. You can see first hand it’s a good bunch of lads who play hard and party harder.

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