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Gay-friendly team London Falcons to join Wimbledon and District Football League

London Falcons Football Club will continue their mission of promoting diversity in sport by entering the Wimbledon and District Football League for the 2018/19 season.

After twelve seasons in the London Unity League which saw the club crowned champions on four occasions, our team - comprised of a mix of straight, bi and gay players - aim to step up a level by joining the four division W&D league in September.

Pete Ransom, Manager:

"Falcons have enjoyed a lot of success since we were established in 2006, winning multiple LUL and GFSN titles as well as achieving success in European tournaments.

"However, we're keen to take things to the next level. In recent years a number of players have moved to other clubs participating in affiliated Saturday leagues in order to challenge themselves further. We're keen to reverse that trend and the Wimbledon and District Football League is the perfect destination for us. Not only has it been established for 120 years but it also keeps us within our core area of southwest London.

"We've had a tremendous time in the LUL and leaving was not an easy decision. Indeed, we hope to develop a second team over the coming year with a view to returning to the league in the not to distant future. I'd like to thank Brian and Robin for the efficient way that they've run the competition and for their kind words upon hearing of our departure.

"I'd also like to thank London FA for their assistance in the past year on affiliation as well as to the W&D committee for their welcome and for viewing Falcons as "ideal" candidates to join the league next season.

"We obviously have a lot of work to do over the summer to recruit new players and get ready for September. I welcome anyone to come down to Kennington Park to join us for our Tuesday training sessions if they like the appeal of playing Saturday football next season."

If you'd like more information London Falcons FC please contact us at

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