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Who will win the title in 2017?

The LUL title will be decided on Sunday May 14th and either Falcons or London Romans will be crowned champions that day.

For Falcons it's a simple equation: Win against London Titans XXL and the title will come back to us for the first time since 2012.

A draw could also be enough if Romans fail to defeat Titans Two Brewers by four clear goals, thanks to the superior goal difference and goals scored by Falcons.

A loss will mean we're hoping for the other result to go our way.

Regardless of the outcome, it's been a remarkable turnaround for our club in the past 12 months. From turning up to the final game of last season with 9 men and being on the brink of folding, we've got together a new, dedicated group of players who have played some tremendous football over the course of the season and, at an average of four goals scored per game, have definitely been the entertainers of the league in 2016/17. We've got very ambitious plans to grow London Falcons over the next two years. Fingers crossed we get the right result on the 14th!

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