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2020/21 Player Profiles - Jeff

Name - Jeff

Age - 31

Preferred Position - No nonsense centre half

Favourite Player - Niall Quinn

Since joining the Falcons in August 2019, Sunderland fan Jeff has not only established himself as an integral figure of the club’s backline, but also as an unexpected goal machine, finishing third in the scorer charts last season. However, there are so many other strings to Jeff’s bow outside of marshalling a tight offside trap or regularly rising like a salmon to slot home from a set piece.

He is a man of incredible resolve - he’s managed to avoid Netflix’s Sunderland ‘Til I Die for over two years now. He has proven himself a fashion icon on and off the field, regularly sporting a snood or a headband with effortless grace. Plus, he is clearly a man of incredible persuasive powers, given his ability to convince his girlfriend to attend a Falcons match on more than one occasion this year.

Jeff’s real starring role comes every Saturday though, when his Falcon cry at the start of every match serves as the rallying call for the squad to rise to the occasion and bring home another three points!

1. Why did you join the Falcons?

I joined the team because I wanted to start playing 11 a side again, and I was introduced to the team through Captain George Coe. After 1 training session, I was convinced of what a well run, friendly and welcoming club this was and is. It's been one of the best team environments I've ever been part of.

2. Best Falcons memory on the pitch?

Obviously my 18 yard header in to the top bin in a 3-3 draw with the league leaders in the 19-20 season.

For an actual answer, a 2-1 win against league rival Earlesfield, in a soggy, tough and real battle of a match. It went right down to the last kick, and felt like we'd won a cup. Great team effort, and showed how strong we were as a unit.

3. Best memory off the pitch?

Our Virtual end of season party. Again, cemented what a great club this is, the effort that went in to a really great night in trying circumstances for the planners was great and we had a top night.

4. Most annoying team mate?

Charlie Hathaway. Comes on matchday after some rock'n'roll ventures the night before and then consistently plays a blinder.

5. Why should someone join the Falcons?

Genuinely an excellent level of football, in a friendly and welcoming environment. Absolutely the right level of challenging, you'll get better absolutely.

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