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2019/20 Player Profiles: Steff

Name: Steffen Drucks

Age: 28

Preferred position: Centre Midfield

Committee role: Treasurer

Favourite footballer: Andres Iniesta

Having seen the successes of Germany in navigating the continent through the European financial crisis, we too have in turn looked to our own German to oversee our club finances this season.

Treasurer Steff loves a spreadsheet as much as he loves a gritty midfield scrap or pulling a massive grin in any photo that’s taken of him.

When not budgeting/looking for the perfect through ball, Steff can be found slumped into his seat at his local pub as Dortmund inevitably throw away another chance to win the Bundesliga, travelling what seems like the entire world for work or doing his utmost to forge links with other LGBT teams in the area...

1) Why did you join the Falcons?

After moving to London, joining the Falcons helped me to get back into shape, find a great group of friends and compete in the sport I love.

2) What’s your best memory of playing for the Falcons?

Scoring my first W&D league goal for the falcons to sneak out a late 1-0 win against SLFN last season.

3) What’s your best memory of playing for the Falcons off the field?

The Gay Games in Paris were special as I still was new to the club but was made feel welcome right from the start. We had the best time on and off the pitch.

4) Who’s your most annoying teammate?

Kieran - for calling for headers on the opposite side of the pitch and still somehow managing to get there.

5) Why should someone join the Falcons?

Enjoy the best of both worlds with competitive football and a tremendous social side and become part of this family of diverse yet likeminded people!

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