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2019/20 Player Profiles: George

Name: George Coe

Age: 27

Preferred position: Centre Midfield

Committee positions: Captain and Co-Social Sec

Favourite player: Matt Le Tissier

Wearing the armband for the Falcons this year is Saints fan George Coe. Having joined the club last season, George has made an impact both on and off the pitch.

As co-Social Sec, George has helped lead the way on Falcons nights out, knowing all the hot spots in south west London and also how to say “Can you play any Carly Rae Jepsen?” in 17 languages.

When not navigating the middle of the park, George is a huge fan of pugs (and their owners), turning into a dancing sensation after one and a half drinks and single-handedly bringing Hawaiian style shirts back into fashion.

1) Why did you join the Falcons?

I was looking to get back competitive football having had a mini hiatus (8yrs) post uni and wanting to join a club that also had a good social atmosphere which falcons seemed the perfect fit for.

2) What’s your best memory on the pitch of playing for the Falcons?

It’s got to be getting through to the Div 1 final at the Rome Eurogames. Winning on penalties in the semi-final was a great feeling and the team worked so hard throughout the tournament to outperform our expectations before we went out there.

3) What’s been your best moment off the pitch?

Lots to choose from, with the away trip to Leeds being... eventful. But I think I’d have to go for the unforgettable night at one of SW London’s finest Irish pubs, where our one and only Chris Pate secured his Falcons cult hero status.

4) Why should someone join the Falcons?

We’re a club focused on winning on the pitch and having a great time socially off of it!

5) Who’s your most annoying team mate?

Pete Ransom - for constantly spouting tactical nonsense believing he’s the next Pep (although I mainly find it annoying that 9/10 times his nonsense proves to be right!)

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