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2019/20 Player Profiles: Pete

Name: Pete Ransom

Age: 38

Position: Centre Back

Committee role: Chairman

Favourite Player: Xabi Alonso

Club legend Peter Ransom has held pretty much every position in the club during his time at the Falcons, ultimately making the step up to Chairman this year after three seasons in the managerial hot-seat.

On the pitch, Pete has found his natural home at the heart of our central back three, regularly trying to be the voice of calm, which is something he can at times find particularly difficult, especially when someone is trying to take one of his precious set pieces.

Off the pitch, you will likely find Pete stating that he’s “only going to have a quiet one”, before promptly being found asleep on a sofa at pre-drinks by around 9:30pm, throwing some liquid shapes on the dance floor (especially if it’s the Freemasons Remix of Beautiful Liar by Beyonce and Shakira on the speakers) or spamming everyone’s various social media accounts with pictures of his many travels.

1. Why did you join the Falcons?

I'd played against Falcons previously and thought they were a team very much on the up when I joined in 2013. We then went four years without winning a trophy!

2. What is your best memory of the Falcons on the pitch?

Winning the league in 2017. It was my first season as manager and such a lot of effort had gone into the previous 12 months. That made it all worth it.

3. What is your best memory of the Falcons off the pitch?

The trips to Paris and Rome stand out for me. It summed up everything good about the club for me: 18 guys coming together to have a ton of fun off the pitch and work hard on it

4. Who is your most annoying teammate?

It's so hard to narrow this down... Kieran because I never know if what he's about to do will be brilliant on inexplicable, Matt because, well, he's annoying, or anyone who tries to take a set piece before I get there!

5. Why should I join the Falcons?

If you love playing football and buy into a team ethic then you'll love it here. We've got the best set of guys and I've never been prouder to be a member of the club.

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