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Player Profile: Dean

We can't usually understand what he's saying so fortunately this is all down in print. Our featured player this month is Chairman Dean!

Name: Dean Martin Position: (Reserve) Goalkeeper Year Joined: 2014 Home Town: Derry Favourite Team: Man Utd

Why did you join Falcons and what can you remember about your first experience with us?

I moved back from a few years living in New York in 2013. I tried out a couple of teams but suffered from some injuries and didn't really get the friend circle I was looking for. Finally, third time lucky, I joined Falcons at the start of the 2014/15 season and things went very well. I made my debut over on Old Deer Park in Richmond and settled in very well.

Which professional footballer do you most resemble or admire? (Footballing and non-footballing reasons!)

Resembling Paul Scholes would be an easy one to say - not only looks wise but I probably tackle just as badly! I always admired Peter Schmeichel as a fellow goalkeeper - he made it look so easy! True legend! I'm glad Kasper is coming along nicely too - I probably would like to think that I resemble him if I had more blond hair!

What is your favourite Falcons memory on or off the pitch?

This is definitely a tough one as there have been a lot of moments that I could mention, though feeling like an extra in the movie '300' and defying a stream of shots on goal in the last day of the Hamburg tournament a few years ago would be up there. We faced a very good Manchester side and, although I produced some of my finest saves, I had to ruin it all in the last few minutes and saw the ball go right over my head and into the net :(

Worst memory?

The worst might have been when we had to contemplate whether to fold the club last season. We'd had a bad year and hadn't recruited well for years. I couldn't bare to see a club that meant so much to so many people go away so easily. Fortunately, a group of us got together to give it some serious effort over the summer and we've never looked back since - it's been an amazing turnaround. Here's to another ten years of success both on the pitch, in the pub and on the dance floor!

Most annoying team mate and why?

I've been looking forward to this one as I've no doubt been a contender and winner for others who were asked this question! (You'd have won it more if it wasn't for people wanting to be original - Editor)

As much as I love him, I would have to say Ritchie. Having had him as a defender in front of me most times I've played I can honestly say I've not seen someone give away so many fouls and not listen to a damn thing said to him - though I suppose he is deaf in one ear!

That said, he's probably the nicest guy in the club and has a true heart of gold so I shouldn't be too harsh. Then again, no one else is going to give him a mention in this question, so I may as well!

Why should someone join Falcons?

We have all been in the same position no matter what you are looking for in a football club. Whether it be making friends, getting back into sport, fitness - you name it! The Falcons is a great bunch of genuine people who care for each other both on and off the pitch but with enough spirit to make sure you know that you are playing for a club and not just a team! Come if you enjoy the game, and want to win on the pitch but also want to win off it too!

Falcons train every Tuesday evening at Kennington Park. Get in touch by emailing

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