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October's Player of the Month: Chris!

He may have departed our shores a week ago but Chris had October’s Player of the Month award wrapped up well before then.

A few words from the boss…

“October was a funny old month where our general play didn’t quite get the results it deserved.  We started with a phenomenal comeback against Titans before falling narrowly short of winners medals in both the Soho and Titans Tournaments.  We then suffered a very unfortunate defeat to Birmingham before suffering a much more self-inflicted defeat to Romans.

“Chris joined us on a very short-term basis back in August having played for Falcons in a tournament last year.  In all of his performances he’s shown tremendous drive and determination throughout, not to mention being incredibly difficult to knock off the ball.  It was perhaps telling that his departure coincided with our first defeats of the season so we’ve all got to work harder to minimise the impact of his departure.

“That said, we all wish him well as he embarks on his global travels.  Chris, it was a massive pleasure to have you with us and you’re welcome back any time!”.

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