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Player Profile: Jack

A tough-tackling defender on the pitch and a big mincing Madonna fan off it, this month's Player Profile is Jack!!

Key Facts:

Name: Jack Webb Position: Defender Year Joined: 2013 Home Town: Bermondsey, London

Favourite Team: Chelsea

Why did you join Falcons and what can you remember about your first experience with us?

I played 11aside football growing up but gave it up when I started working a Saturday and Sunday job at Woolworths. So I hadn’t played 11 aside for about 12 years. I kept seeing information online about the Falcons, so one Saturday I messaged them and they invited me to attend the match the next day.

We played Stonewall and were losing 2-1 at half time but ended up winning 4-2. It poured down of rain the entire match; I came on second half at left back that obviously made all the difference! I knew I put a good shift in when I was invited to play in Leeds the following week.

Which professional footballer do you most resemble or admire?

I really admire John Terry. I admire his accomplishments on the field and I admire what is in his pants. He is the highest scoring premiership defender in history and he doesn’t take penalties or free kicks (he took a pretty famous penalty in Moscow, right? - Editor)

I like to think I resemble a player like Dennis Wise. Loyal, competitive and dirty on the odd occasion.

In terms of flair and skill I was a big fan of Gianfranco Zola.

What is your favourite Falcons memory on or off the pitch?

Hamburg was a great laugh. It was my first Falcon trip abroad and I bonded with players that I was not that friendly with before. I know I’m always going to be remembered for the Madonna and vodka moment, but I can live with that.

Worst memory?

Any time we have lost to Titans!

Most annoying team mate and why?

Gracie – he is a nice guy but just do not go into rounds with him in the pub!

Why should someone join Falcons?

If you enjoy playing football and have good craic you should definitely consider joining. We are a great bunch of lads, you are sure to have a good experience with the club.

Falcons train every Tuesday evening at Kennington Park. Get in touch by emailing

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