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Player Profile: Louis

He's been with us a year, picked up the best newcomer award and would let James Rodriguez do anything to him... August's Player Profile is Louis!

Key Facts:

Name: Louis Forrester Position: Striker Year Joined: 2015 Home Town: Welwyn Garden City Favourite Team: Ipswich Town

Why did you join Falcons and what can you remember about your first experience with us?

I joined Falcons to get back into football. I had a bit of a hard time from some guys in my previous team about being gay so Falcons seemed perfect. It was fun. I was just happy to be playing again and all the lads were really welcoming. I t didn't take me long to settle in at all.

Which professional footballer do you most resemble or admire?

Wayne Rooney because he is my age and I grew up watching him burst on the scene as a 16 year old.

Non-footballing it has to be James Rodriguez. I would literally let him do anything to me!

What is your favourite Falcons memory on or off the pitch?

This is easy. Winning the semi-final of the Titans Tournament last year against Stonewall. It was pure emotion when Conal saved the penalty to put us through. The picture of us all celebrating says it all.

Worst memory?

The final of the same tournament! To lose on penalties after not conceding a goal in normal time throughout the whole thing was gutting!

Most annoying team mate and why?

Easy - Dean! Such a lovely, lovely guy but there's times where he thinks he's Jose Mourinho. Master tactician my arse! Plus, he always takes everything to heart. I expect an evil Irish glare after he sees this!

Why should someone join Falcons?

For the sex in the showers of course! Haha, I joke, it's just a right laugh playing for the love of the game in not just a friendly team but a friendly league. You will enjoy the company as much as the football.

Falcons are training every Thursday evening at Kennington Park throughout the summer. Get in touch by emailing

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