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Birmingham Edge Past Falcons in Lucky 11-1 Win

Ok, well not that lucky at all.

There's not too many details we want to go into. The two weeks prior to the game saw the usual array of dropouts that saw the squad reduced to 12 on the day, and a starting eleven that included someone who had never played for the club before.

Blaze scored before Falcons had even had a touch. They were 1-0 up inside a minute and 3-0 up before five minutes had passed. Dean, who kept the scoreline from being even more hideous, brilliant pushed a penalty onto the bar but he knew it wasn't going to be his day when the ball fell perfectly at the captain's feet for him to make it 4-0.

Falcons had good chances from set pieces but couldn't find the contact required to put the ball away and Birmingham made it 6-0 by half-time.

The next 20 minutes were much better, with the away team finally managing to string three passes together and challenging better across the pitch. However, some basic errors saw the home team reach eleven goals by the close. In between, Bruce scored a terrific lob over the goalkeeper from 30 yards but it didn't feel like much of a consolation.

This was a thumping that had been coming for around two years. Every GFSN away trip over that period has been plagued by players dropping out with little to no notice, leaving the manager with few options and having to play most of the team out of their preferred position. We're in a tough spot now and relegation looks like a very real possibility. However, there's still the matter of a GFSN Cup semi final next weekened, with the chance to win the one trophy that has eluded the club in its history.













Sub: Tom

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